Cool graphics and your logo identity on your staff aprons, company t-shirts, beer league hockey team jerseys, special event jackets and caps, make a lasting impression on those who wear them and even more for those who come in contact with them.


Great designs make people want to engage with your people, your product, and your service. And it shows that you've spent some time and resources thinking about your company's visual presence. It's a display of your professional committment to your customers, and it shows you're serious about what you do. It tells customers that you care about how they perceive your company, your products, and your services.  Bottom line...great design makes you look like  a PRO!


From applying your current brand identity or creating something new, perhaps a special collector's jersey design, caps and T's for your next staff outing or golf tournament, whatever you've got going on, I'll work with you to create designs that will make you stand out from the crowd and make your customers notice AND remember you!