Creating fresh, "HEALTHY" slushy drink and freezie products based on their own delicious recipies

Lana and Lorne Carson are a brother and sister team, who came up with some mighty tasty slush drink concoctions! But these aren't your corner store slush drink variety, no sir! Carson Slush drinks are made with fresh, healthy, organic ingredients, so it only "tastes" like you're cheating when you reach for one of their deliciously refreshing beverages!


Lorne has a food chemisty background, Lana has business background in the arts and entertainment business. Together they approached me for creative direction and branding ideas for their new business venture. We chatted a lot about their plan and vision for the company, then I got to work putting together several logo concepts. I created mockups for cups, equipment, signage, aprons, t-shirts etc. in order to help them visualize the brand identity.


Through three full sets of designs and revisions we arrived at what you see here. A solid, stand alone brand image that works well across the board and in every application. I built a colour pallette that is bright and fresh, a reflection of their awesome product lines. Lana and Lorne are stoked with the new company identity and curretnly working on their launch plans.