Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize how your brand, product design, logo etc. will look in it's final application.


For example in the image shown here, the FLAT IRON BREWING CO. design was applied to the bottles, showing the wrapped label on the front, the neck wrap and the copper coloured cap. Graphics were also applied to the 6-pack cardboard carrying case. By creating this Photoshop rendering, it is much easier to see how the design and colour pallette interact with the substrates and containers.


A lot of information can be absorbed by creating mockup renderings, and can save you money down the road before final production begins. PLUS these images can be very effective for presentation graphics, temporary images for sales collateral until the finished product is available for photography, and so on.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Make it easier on yourself to sell your ideas to your customers, management, and stakeholders. Sometimes all people need is a good visual in order to grasp "the big picture".





The U.S. based leader in professional sports venu and theatre stage flooring systems, including many of the NBA teams, is branching out into the home decor, hard wood flooring industry. Their wood is locally grown and manufactured, also a key selling feature.


High quality and a wide variety of finished and species meant ROBBINS needed to visually market their flooring products with great product imagery. Costs to assemble, install and stage multiple products would be a huge and expensive task.  MORE