Brand name, development, packaging, sales support materials


DuraBuild is a private brand I originally created for the hardware and DIY market. Packaging was created for wide variety of products, including solar powered attic fans, roofing shingles, laminate flooring cutter, and utility pumps to name a few. These products are sold at the big box retail stores in Canada  and the U.S. as well as many of the smaller independent chains.

The logo indentity features strong, heavy, slab style lettering, set in white and orange against black, a proven hardware identity colour combination. With the added steel gradation bar below to give it a flash of style ansolid d sophisitcation, this brand has lasted and proven itself well at the retail level.

Packaging features the distinctive black and silver wrapped bar around the top of all four side panels, featuring the logo on all visible surfaces. This creates a strong shelf presence and an easily identifiable brand image to consumers.


Three panel product brochure

Packaging design - 3D Renderings

3' x 8' Vinyl Trade Show Banner

Packaging design / Flat dieline - Laminate Flooring Cutter

Bi-lingual packaging