Private Brands - Flooring

Naming, design, packaging, sales support materials

Home decor retailers like to produce their own private branding, a "house brand" for instance. Big box retailers and independant flooring stores like to have interesting, graphic packaging for their various types of products, describing the different finished and thicknesses of laminates, hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, cork and tile.

Displaying colourful, informative packaging engages the consumer to learn more about the products benefits, at a glance. As well, creating a stunning product "lifestyle" image of the actual product itself, helps the consumer better visualize how that flooring decor and finish might look in their own home.

Match all of this with a catchy name, great typography, soothing colour palette and informative graphic icons, and you have instant, effective sales and marketing pieces. Also produced were tri-panel palette talker signage, tear away installation sheets, and shelf talkers.