Brand name, development, food truck graphics, support signage

The food truck business has really taken off and gained momentum in the past decade. With the rising costs of brick and mortar restaurants, it's a somewhat more affordable option for chefs to have their own gig.


I created Bombshell Burgers and Bites from an illustration I had created of the redhead in the flight jacket and goggles. I had been wanting to design a bar logo identity that had something to do with flight and aircraft etc. Once I had the image put together, it was just a matter of thinking of the name and adding typography and finishing graphics.


The design lends itself beautifully to the canvas of the food truck's large panels. I mocked up the line drawings to get a sense of scale and placement, and rendered an actual truck photo for realism. Support materials include a sandwich board for daily specials, and staff t-shirts, which would also be available to the public.

Bombshell Burgers & Bites