Brand name & development, packaging design, merchandising, support collateral

The product I originally created and designed this brand name for was an Infrared Sauna. The product was carried by Canadian Tire and eventually by Costo Canada. Created for the home consumer market, the saunas came in two flat boxes, containg the outer walls, door, and various interior panels and electronics. Large colour labels were designed and applied to the kraft shipping cartons. A bathroom hand-held shower spa product was later created and marketed under the Heilsa brand.


A product hang tag, p.o.s. label and info tear away cheets were also designed and sent to the retailers to apply to their floor models. These support materials included the brand logo and product features and other information. Both English and French versions were created, along with product assemblyh manuals.

Hang tag

Product with p.o.s. door label, hang tags on door handle and tear away sheets on the left side.

Tear away product info sheets / Eng & Fre

Large format product label for kraft carton

Hand held shower spa packaging design