TheTragically Hip

Lyric of the Week

Well, I think that there's a problem here
Her voice just don't sound right
But I left myself on her answering machine
Said, "I'm back in town tonight"
I feel I've stepped out of the wilderness
All squint eyed and confused
But even babies raised by wolves
They know exactly when they've been used

See when it starts
To fall apart
Man, it really falls apart
Like boots or hearts
Oh when they start
They really fall apart


from the track "Boots or Hearts"

Album ~ "Up To Here"  1989

This summer we saw our lads from Kingston, Ontario cross Canada on a rocking but heart breaking final tour. Gord Downie, the band's infamous, brilliant, 'true Canadian" story teller and front man was dealt the devasting news of a terminal diagnosis.

The Tragically Hip are like no other rock band. Unique in many ways, their sound can usaully be identified from solid, grinding guitars, heavy and steady back beat and bass line rhythms, and of course the undeniably "one of a kind" sound of Gordie's vocals. Their bond is equally unique. Brothers in arms, childhood pals, small town boys with big hearts and big smiles, these guys made it big on hard work and they did it "their" way. They are Canada's proud sons. Gord Downie, Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Johnny Fay and Gord Sinclair. Truly the best rock band to come out of The Great White North in the past 30+ years.

Their music was the soundtrack through a large span of my adult life, and I post this out of respect to the band, and to say "thanks" for the music, the memories, the inspiration...and to say thanks especially to Gord Downie, for so much he has given us all...he made me remember how great it is to be Canadian. And for that I will always be grateful. We are all with you, Gordie...

To commemorate the band and their music, each week I will post a different lyric from a Tragically Hip song, to salute our boys from their native Kingston. Keep the faith. Miracles DO happen.