Starting your business with a well-thought-out logo and marketing materials puts your small company at a big advantage compared to the competition.  A professional-looking business logo and marketing materials help make your new business more visible and credible-two key factors in its growth and success. But because they lack customers and cash flow, many entrepreneurs try to save money by designing their own marketing materials. It's easy enough to design a business card or logo at the local office supply store or online, but if you don't have design or marketing expertise, doing so could cause more problems than it solves.


If you start out with a "do-it-yourself" logo and marketing materials today, then switch to a new look a few months later when you can afford professional design services, you'll confuse clients and prospects and your business will appear unstable. Do-it-yourself marketing materials can make your business look unprofessional. And If your logo and your other marketing materials don't have a unified look and feel, it can cause an identity crisis for your business. 


While putting off having a professional logo and marketing materials designed may seem like a good idea from a cash-flow point of view, it could keep your business from getting off the ground. If you think you can't afford to have a logo designed when starting your business, consider this: Can you afford not to?