Are you on track?

Are things ON TRACK with your business?

How does your visual appeal come across?

When was the last time you took a good look at your company logo, identity, branding, marketing collateral? How about your store front signage and decor, your fleet vehicles or your product packaging and point of sale support materials? Are they starting to look a little tired? I can help you put a shine on things and bring it all back to life. It just takes a little polish and a some of elbow grease...and I've got plenty.

stay on track & move forward!

Design  |  Packaging  |  Brand Development & Strategy  |  Logo Identity
Illustration  |  Support Collateral  |  Signage  |  Web Design  |  Apparel & more...

My job is to help you get stand out from the help you SHINE. Do you have a product? I can help you maximize your shelf appeal and increase your sales through effective and creative packaging, graphics and support material. Do you provide a service? I can help you look more professional and gain more customer attention and trust, through the design of your corporate identity / logo.  Do you have a store front business? Perhaps your visual street appeal just isn't cutting it? I can help you create a strong visual presence through signage, colour, texture and lighting. An eyecatching splash of design that street traffic will surely notice and want to come in and check YOU out.

NEVER underestimate the power of a strong, visual presence. The image is everything. It's what your customers see first, and what quickly forms their first impression and opinion about you and your business.

Experience, coupled with knowledge, equals wisdom. From fantastic design to committed customer service, from meeting deadlines to excellent working relationships with outside vendors, from recognizing trends to providing what your business really needs to succeed,  I provide design services that will help you grow your business, improve your visual identity, make an impact on your customers, make you stand out from your competition, and ultimately make you more money...the bottom line.

What I do...

This summer, we celebrate and say goodbye to our beloved boys from Kingston, Ontario...

On a more personal note...

The Tragically Hip, the pride of Canada, embarked on what was probably their final tour. In the shadows of front man Gord Downie's terminal diagnosis, this amazing group of musical gentlemen, brothers in arms, childhood pals, banded together one more time to prove yet again, they are the best band to come out of The Great White North over the past 30 years.

In July I was behind a guy in a VW camper van sporting Nova Scotia plates. Colourfully painted across the back window was "Miracles happen, Gord". I knew right away what he meant. With windows down, I pulled up beside him. We exchanged a few words about Gordie and the band before the light changed to green, but in that moment I felt more like a real Canadian than I have in quite a long time. And I smiled and thought to myself "yeah, miracles DO happen, Gord". I believe. We believe. Thank you for the music, the words . . . and for inspiration. We're with you, Gordie.