Canadian photographer David Burdeny's spectacular images of the art & architecture inside Ru

Steep, descending escalators lead down 74 meters at the deepest point, to a cavernous underground that is one of Moscow’s hidden treasures. Suddenly one enters what looks to be a turn-of-the century theatre, so opulent that you expect to see Vaslav Nijinsky of the Ballet Russe, leap from behind one of the towering Art Deco arches. Instead, blasé Muscovites check their cell phones and wait patiently for the next subway train.

“For a year I tried by myself to get through all the levels of bureaucracy in Moscow that would allow me to photograph the incredible architecture in the Metro stations built under Stalin’s regime,” confides the award-winning Vancouver photographer, David Burdeny. “But the more I was told ‘you can’t do it’, the more I was convinced I could!”

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