It's all about "timing"...

Drumming is all about timing. It's about tempo, rhythm, speed, have to "feel" it to really play it. It's no different from any other instrument. In fact, the drums are the backbone, the foundation, the structure, in which everything else is built on. And "the beat" is what keeps a song moving and grooving in the right direction, from start to finish, and it can also destroy it if not kept in check. I'm a drummer so I totally understand the mechanics and the critical importance of timing. Without it, you're dead in the water. Design is very similar. Great design is the foundation upon which a solid marketing campaign is built. It creates the "feel" of the product. It truly takes on its own rhythm during the execution period, and no doubt carefully crafted graphics and design are the backbone to any successful marketing, packaging, branding or any other creative project. Just watch this amazingly talented musician run through the Beatles catalogue, changing beats and grooves on the fly. It's truly impressive and fun to watch. And it shows how every song has it's own unique groove that sets it apart from every other song. Your design and marketing projects are no different. Enjoy this, it's fun!

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