Box Outside Solutions

Product Site - "Piggyback"

A think tank group of inventors, creating solutions to everyday problems, through creative ingenuity and just plain clever thinking

Box Outside was in need of not only a brand identity name/logo, but web presence in order to create interest for their upcoming crowd funding endeavor. Creators of the "PIGGYBACK", a very cool set of ear buds with a built-in splitter, allowing others to plug their headset into yours and tune into your device. No more sharing one earbud with that crappy "half stereo/mono" sound quality.


After knocking around several ideas for the name, tacking on "solutions" was the right remedy. It clearly describes what these guys do, the invent "solutions" to everyday problems.

But the best part, it creates the perfect acronym to be used as their brand identity on their products...BOS. Bonus, it sounds great too!


I built the site design in Photoshop layers, incorporating great product and lifestyle photography we had generated, and took it outside to one our sources for coding and development. A Kickstarter page for the social media campaign was also created and deployed.


Note: The client has since revised the website to reflect a new product line and has pulled the Piggyback campaign. No links available.