Brand Exercise Project

Regional airline "Encore", a fleet of Bombadier Q - 400 turbo prop aircraft servicing the smaller markets and feeder routes to the major hubs

When Canada's 'WestJet Airlines' announced they would be creating a regional airline to service the smaller communities and improve feeder  routes to Canada's main airports, I decided to take it on as a 'mock' project exercise.


I created the main identity incorporating the WestJet logo into the Encore name, utilizing WestJet's existing colour palette. From there I designed concepts for everthing from kiosks and check-in counters to baggage tags and livery.


This project was created to showcase my ability to understand, and design for, the many various elements that are required for this type of industry. These are only a few items that would be required, but it shows an overall visual of how the Encore brand would look.