Re-fresh packaging + brand identity, support collateral for a local Vancouver Island craft brewery

WOLF Brewing Co.

As you can see below, on the left is the old layout for the bottle label, one of a series of five labels. They all feature a beautiful background image produced by various homegrown artists. On the right is the new "re-freshed" version.

One of the main things that needed to be addressed immediately was the placement of the WOLF logo itself. It was lost on the lower left side panel. The "artist's work" was dominant, NOT the brand identity. When the label was wrapped on the bottle, you lost sight of the brand and the product name. It wasn't front and centre on the shelf, where it NEEDS TO BE.

In the new design, I created a logo "badge" and placed it front and centre. The design allows it to be matched with the label's colour palette. The artist's work is still visible but the name now is also centred, in a custom, curving type treatment with graphic details unique to each product flavour. Now, at first glance, the consumer identifies with the brand and the flavour right away.

As a secondary brand image, I created the 'wolf eyes graphic' and ripping lines on either side. This anchors the design and gives it some added brand "bite" if you will. Also colour coded to the particular beer, it completed the design. The wolf eyes also appear with the WOLF name, on the side panel with the brewer's notes and UPC information. Screened in the background, it helps to enhance the visual brand image.

The result is a series of impactful, colourful, new packaging labels that have heavier shelf appeal, stronger graphics, and that help give WOLF Brewing Co. some much needed brand identity.